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Welcome to Conservapedia

A Truly conservative encyclopedia you can trust.

Conservapedia has CCL CX% True encyclopedia articles!

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In the News

  • October IXth MMXI Anno Domini-The New Conservapaedia has moved its operations to its new Referata address.
  • September XXVIth MMX Anno Domini The Liberal scum who subvert Old Conservapedia are finally unmasked! The NEW Conservapedia is created, to counter liberal bias in

Some of our most popular articles according to our readers

I Math
II Barack HUSSEIN Obama
III Flag
IV Death penalty
V Atheists
VI Wikipedia
VII Saint George W. Bush
VIII World Trade Center
IX Evilution
X Bible
XI Witchcraft
XII Divine Right
XIII ObamaCare
XIV Lady
XV The Google
XVI King James Bible
XVII Pokemon
XVIII Homosexuality
XIX Jesus Christ
XX God
XXI Science
XXII Communism
XXIII Fake conservative
XXIV RationalWiki
XXV Satan
XXVII Ten Commandments
XXVIII Adolf Hitler
XXIX Education
XXX Mohammedan
XXXI Slavery
XXXII Crown Jewels
XXXIII Conservative
XXXIV Charles Darwin
XXXV Glenn Beck
XXXVI Liberal
XXXVII Alcohol
XXXIX Libertarian
XXXX Monkey
XXXXI Anarchism
XXXXII Sabbath
XXXXIII Elvis Presley
XXXXIV Rock music
XXXXV Fred Phelps